Our Proulx centenarians

The Proulx live old!

Great longevity is a mythical object. Adam would have died at 930 and Methuselah at 969! This record has not yet been broken. To live old is, in any case for believers, a blessing from God.

When life expectancy in Quebec is 84 years for women and 82 for men, reaching the age of 100 is certainly a remarkable achievement. It is also an object of celebration in families and local communities.

But the Proulx are not to be outdone. They also count their centenarians. Here is the list as found in the database of the Proulx Families Association of America.

If you know of others that are not listed below, let us know using the Contact form.

And if you’re celebrating another centenary this year, let us know too. We’ll all celebrate together.

Note: Names are sorted by age at death or current age for persons still living. These are identified by a green check mark. By clicking on the names, more details will be displayed.


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