New site

New site

October 30th, 2018 0 By Florian Proulx

Our website has been redesigned

That’s it! That’s it! The new version of our website is now online. It is the result of hard and sometimes arduous work over several months, carried out by our vice-president and webmaster Gilles Proulx. On your behalf, I thank him very much.

You may first be a little out of touch, but we are confident that you will quickly familiarize yourself with it and take advantage of its many improvements and new features.

For my part, I really like, among other changes, the bandwidth where the latest news unfolds. By regularly feeding it, we will see the dynamism of our Association. What here is a personal invitation to all of you to contribute whether through an old family photo or video, through the publication of an event, through an anecdote, etc.

In addition, the English version has been finalized to satisfy our growing number of English-speaking members and friends.

It is impossible that such a transition would not lead to some small errors and/or omissions; if you encounter difficulties, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Members in good standing of the association have access to additional content. All they have to do is request their username and password using the Contact Us button.

Finally, we think you will appreciate this version 3.0 which is more visual, more ergonomic and more fluid. Your comments or suggestions will also be greatly appreciated.

Your president,
Florian Proulx

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