Proulx pilgrims are almost on their way!

Proulx pilgrims are almost on their way!

15 February 2017 0 By Jean-Pierre Proulx

We were at the beginning of September when we brainstormed about the “pilgrimage” of the Proulx in France. Since then, the project has progressed considerably.

View of the circuit in France

By the fact, thirteen travelers have already registered and on February the 12th, they were all gathered in Quebec City for a friendly meeting and to examine in more detail the planned itinerary. They come from four of the six Proulx ancestors established in Quebec, Pierre and Marie Gauthier (Champlain), Jean and Jacquette Fournier (Montmagny), Jean and Catherine Pinel (Neuville), Jacques and Jeanne Pilon (Pointe-Claire). Unfortunately, there is no descendant of Jean-Baptiste and Marie Fleury Charlesbourg), nor of René and Marguerite Brunet (Deschambault) registered yet. In the latter case, its place of origin is still unknown.

Our trip will last ten days. The departure is scheduled for the evening of May 15th. Here is the main part of our itinerary:

  • 16 and 17: Landing at Nantes and then visiting;
  • 18: Vertou, fatherland of Jean-Baptiste;
  • 19: Curzon, fatherland of Pierre; Stop at Montaigu, home of Lavallée said Paquet/Pasquier, ancestor of a traveler; Stop at La Roche-sur-Yon, town twinned to Drumondville where six of the travelers come;
  • 20: La Rochelle; the village of LALEU, fatherland of Jean Plante, ancestor of two other travelers;
  • 21: Brouage, Gournay, fatherland of Jacques Proulx;
  • 22: Poitiers, home of Jean of Neuville;
  • 23: Saumur and its castle and Fontevraud and its royal abbey;
  • 24: Distré, home of Jean of Montmagny; Angers; back to Nantes and farewell dinner;
  • 25: End of the pilgrimage. Many of the group will then continue visiting other regions.

In each place, a guided tour of the most famous monuments will be done. We also wish to meet the mayors of the hometown of origin of our ancestors. We are already expected in Curzon. We also contacted genealogical societies to meet Proust, our French cousins. In fact, all our pioneers bore the name of Proust in France, as it has been already checked.

In short, the merry travelers are ready to fly or almost. We will, of course, keep you informed of their adventures throughout the journey.