Québec, a family story

Québec, a family story

30 August 2012 0 By Gilles Proulx

For its second series of 52 capsules, Quebec, a family story, welcomes the Proulx family. This capsule should be showing the week of November 26th.

A short video clip should be made at our next general meeting and then included in the capsule. Come in large numbers.

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Here is some information about this initiative. These details are taken from http://lequebecunehistoiredefamille.com/

Quebec, a family story tells in 52 capsules of 2 minutes the highlights of the history of Quebec through the epic of our families.

Each of the vignettes tells the story of the origin, the places of interest, the famous members and the important events in the political, social or economic history of a Quebec family.
These 52 families have:

  • one of the most popular French surnames of Quebec origin
  • a surname of English origin, modified or not
  • a more recent surname
  • or an aboriginal surname

Nowadays, it is often said that history runs wild, that there is no memory, that Quebec is amnesic, that history is no longer really well taught in our schools.
Now, you only have to see the interest for period films, series about our past, historical biographies in book fairs or storytellers like Fred Pellerin to understand that history, when it is delivered with passion, interests the general public.
People are not fooled. If we want to know who we are, where we are going, it is better to know where we come from. It is in this context that Quebec is part of, a family story.

Broadcast at various times on TVA and LCN, especially in the morning show Salut, Bonjour!.

Quebec, a family story, is produced by La Boîte à Histoire, a production house co-founded by Marie-France Bazzo and Julie Snyder.