The Board of your association is more and more representative of each distinct parent trees

The Board of your association is more and more representative of each distinct parent trees

1 September 2017 0 By Jean-Pierre Proulx

At the end of its general meeting last Saturday in Neuville, the Board of Directors of the Proulx Families Association of America is now more representative than ever. Indeed, four of the six Proulx families, from so many pioneers, now have one descendant on the Board. President Florian Proulx, himself a descendant of Pierre Prou established in Champlain (QC) and Marie Gauthier, welcomed this happy development.

Board of directors 2017-2018

The new parent tree on the council is of Jean-Baptiste Préau, who became Prou from the second generation and also known as Proulx said Clément or Clément dit Proulx. It will be Mr. Ralph Clément from Mandeville in Lanaudière (QC).

It remains to find in the council a descendant of Jacques Prou and Jeanne Pilon established in Pointe-Claire and René Prou and Marguerite Binet of Deschambault. In addition, we must work to find a director from outside Quebec to represent English-speaking members who are gradually joining us since last year.

Our assembly brought together some 35 people, which is apparently a record of participation. Thank you to all those who have traveled for this occasion and consider it an invitation to others for September 2018.

Thereafter is the list of directors elected on Saturday, August the 26th, 2017:

  • Florian Proulx, president,
  • Jean-Pierre Proulx, vice-president,
  • Gilles Proulx, vice-president Web technology,
  • Christiane Brisson, secretary,
  • Clément Proulx, treasurer,
  • Gabrielle Proulx,
  • Langis Proulx,
  • Charles-Eugène Proulx,
  • Ralph Clément.

The annual meeting was held as part of the Neuville ”Fêtes gourmandes”. This choice can also be explained by the fact that Neuville is the place of establishment of Jean Prou, a native of Poitiers, and his wife Catherine Pinel. The author of this note spoke in the afternoon, a talk about this pioneer family of which he is a descendant. Our members can read the full story by clicking here.

The interested parties were also able to hear the president of the Neuville Historical Society, Mr. Jean-Claude Rochette while walking along the banks of our great St-Lawrence river, He told us the great stages of the development of this magnificent locality, going back to the geological ages that shaped its shores. We returned home after picking up a granite pebble, a stone that had covered the lowland of Neuville after the last glaciation, and which fulness of rocks gave so much trouble to our ancestors to clear the land!