In this beginning of September, the Association des familles Proulx d’Amérique wishes its members who will be celebrating their birthdays, the best wishes for happiness in this new year of their lives.

We would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for your commitment and diligence.

The strength of the association lies in its members.

Here is the list of members born in September:

  • France Lebel;
  • Rolande Proulx;
  • Jean-Pierre Proulx;
  • Martin Proulx;
  • Francine Proulx;
  • Gaston Cloutier;
  • Thérèse Proulx;
  • Raymond Proulx;
  • Michel Proulx;
  • Sylvie Proulx;
  • Michelle Proulx;
  • Raymonde Proulx;
  • Lise Proulx.

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