Tribute to Florian Proulx, our outgoing president

Tribute to Florian Proulx, our outgoing president

11 April 2021 0 By Jean-Pierre Proulx

During its regular meeting last Thursday, your Board of Directors welcomed with regret the resignation of Florian Proulx as President of our Association.

Florian led the Association for four and a half years. He served his members generously with a vision for the development of our Association. During his tenure, our membership has grown to over 100 members. The representation of the Board of Directors was expanded to include each of the six Proulx families. He encouraged regional meetings for the general assemblies as well as between them. He spared no time in personally contacting many of our members to encourage them to participate, in one form or another, in our common adventure. It was under his mandate that the first trip to France of our Association was made in 2017 to the places of origin of our ancestors where he represented us with dignity.

Florian will nevertheless remain on the Board to accomplish the mandates that will be entrusted to him. Freed from the duties of the presidency, he intends to devote himself to historical and genealogical research on the Proulx-Gauthier family of which he is a proud descendant.

During Thursday’s board meeting, the board unanimously thanked and congratulated Florian for all the services he rendered to us. We wish him good luck in his new work.

We will have to replace him at our next general assembly that we will hold at the end of the summer in person or by videoconference, depending on the circumstances. We invite our members to think about the services they would be willing to provide, first of all, within the Board of Directors, where a position is already vacant, with the elections at the next General Assembly in mind!

Jean-Pierre Proulx