No more machismo: let’s talk about important women!

No more machismo: let’s talk about important women!

26 November 2016 0 By Jean-Pierre Proulx

The Filles du Roi arrival / Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale – Before 1927 | Photo: Library and Archives CanadaPublic domain

Fashioned and fascinated by the patrilineal tradition, genealogists (not all, of course) have only interest in our male ancestors. The name of our association is that of “leaders” (!) Proulx families. Yet we all are descendants just as much from their wives who have carried within them as much their sons as their daughters.

To put an end to this outrageous silence (I exaggerate) towards our great-great-grandmothers, I am announcing a new series of posts that will successively present you, in the order of their marriage:

  • Marie Gauthier – 1669
  • Jacquette Fournier – 1673
  • Catherine Pinel – 1676
  • Catherine Fleury – 1679
  • Jeanne Pilon – 1706
  • Marguerite Brunet -1820

The names of their husbands are already well known.

Readers of these posts who have already researched these women are asked to contact me to send me their findings.

See you soon!