On the way to our 10th anniversary!

On the way to our 10th anniversary!

3 November 2017 0 By Jean-Pierre Proulx

The Proulx Families of America Association will celebrate its tenth anniversary in September 2018. Its Board of Directors, meeting last weekend in Lévis, began its reflection with a view to organizing the commemoration of this event. It will hold a working session to this effect next February. In the meantime, all members and friends of the Association are invited to send their thoughts and suggestions either by e-mail or by a comment to this post.

Florian Proulx, President.

The Board also took note of the latest report concerning the number of active members of the Association: it currently has 98 duly registered members. Of course, it aims to increase the number. As a result, it established a committee to develop a recruitment strategy. It is composed of President Florian Proulx, Vice-President Jean-Pierre Proulx and his secretary, Christiane Brisson. His report will be presented at the next Board meeting. But he is already counting on the collaboration of all the members of the Association. It is therefore not necessary to wait for the committee’s report to invite other Proulx of your knowledge to join us! Send them the following link with your invitation: Becoming a member

Responding to expectations already expressed by our members, the Council will invite the Proulx to a regional meeting probably in Montmagny next May around the “May Day”. It is an old European tradition imported into New France. On May 1st, a tree was planted in front of the Lord’s house. Montmagny is the place where Jean Prou and Jacquette Fournier, the founding couple of the largest Proulx lineage in America, lived. The Board entrusted Mr. Charles-Eugène Proulx of St-Roch des Aulnaies with the organization of this meeting.

In order to develop the skills and support the interests of its members, from the resources of their community, your association will improve the Event column. Here you will find the calendar of activities of the various regional genealogical and historical associations from which you can benefit locally.

Finally, your board renews its invitation to everyone to participate in the life of your association. In particular, it needs “writers” to feed its website. She always welcomes your expectations and suggestions.