Author: Gilles Proulx

Passionné de la généalogie depuis plus de 20 ans. Chercheur actif depuis plus de 15 ans.
18 December 2012 0

New additions

By Gilles Proulx

Two new features have just been added to this site. A ‘Members‘ page and a ‘FAQ‘ page. The ‘Members‘ page…

28 November 2012 0

Unknown ancestor

By Gilles Proulx

To date, by checking the results of our mini home survey, nearly 45% of respondents are unaware of which Proulx…

22 November 2012 0

Capsule about the Proulx family

By Gilles Proulx

It is a week in advance that the site ‘Le Québec, a family history’ has broadcast the capsule about the…

30 August 2012 0

Québec, a family story

By Gilles Proulx

For its second series of 52 capsules, Quebec, a family story, welcomes the Proulx family. This capsule should be showing…

15 August 2012 0

Annual General Meeting 2012

By Gilles Proulx

The next Annual General Meeting will be held on September 15th starting at 10:00 am at the Knights of Columbus…