Association des familles Proulx d’Amérique

« L’Association des Familles Proulx d’Amérique » is the registered and official name of the Association and used in our statutes and translate to American Proulx’s family Association.

L’Association des familles Proulx d’Amérique has received their incorporation on May 12th, 2006. On September 27th, 2008, the Association held his first meeting in Rimouski Québec.

Statutes and regulations of the new Association were adopted by the members at this first meeting and the Official Coat of Arms of the Association was chosen and now copyright since December 1st, 2008 with proof of copyright.

Our Association is a registered non-profit organization and is affiliated to the Fédération des Associations de Familles du Québec (FAFQ).

The Association is interested in all Proulx’s ancestors in Canada and elsewhere, by direct descendant or alliance.

Our ancient’s documents tell us that twelve persons including two women bearing the Proulx’s name came from France but only six had descendants, herein:

  • Pierre Prou, arrived early 1640;
  • Jean Prou(st), probably arrived in 1666;
  • Jean Prou, arrived early 1670;
  • Jean Baptiste Préaux, arrived in 1681;
  • Jacques Prou dit Le Poitevin, arrived early 1700;
  • Louis René Prou, arrived early in the 19th century.

Association’s goals

Main goals of the Association:

  • Gather in an Association, any person, member or allied of the Proulx family who has interest in these family;
  • Organize or hold conferences, meetings, reunions, exhibit, trips to promote, enlightenment or the popularization of the history, genealogy or any other subject concerning the Proulx;
  • Establish an official Archives bank of the Proulx’s family, encouraging any person or member to contribute by supplying any document, photo, newspaper that might enrich Proulx’s family history;
  • Honoring ancestors and their descendants using events;
  • Stimulate and promote new links with other Proulx’s family associations in the world;
  • Promote the creation, printing and distribution of documents related to Proulx’s family.