Ancestors Proulx Politicians

Ancestors Proulx Politicians

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Jean-Baptiste-Georges Proulx

1.- Jean-Baptiste-Georges Proulx (1809-1884)
Legislative Counsel (Federal)

Born in Nicolet and baptized in the parish of Saint-Jean-Baptiste, on April 23rd, 1809, son of Jean-Baptiste Proulx, a farmer who was a captain in the militia, and Madeleine Hébert.

Studied at Nicolet College from 1821 to 1825.

He was a farmer in the parish of Saint-Jean-Baptiste in Nicolet. Served as justice of the peace, commissioner of the Small Claims Court and school trustee.

Elected legislative counselor of the division of La Vallière in 1860, held its seat until the advent of Confederation, July 1st, 1867. Represented again the same division in the Legislative Council: appointed November 2nd, 1867, was sworn in December 27th. Supported the Liberal Party.

Died in office in Nicolet, January 27th, 1884, at the age of 74 years and 9 months. Buried in the parish cemetery, January 30th, 1884.

Had married, in his native parish, on January 20th, 1835, Julie Alexander, daughter of Calvin Alexander, MD, and Marie-Anne-Antoinette Hicks, of Kingsey Township.

Father-in-law of Pierre Grenier.

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2.-  Biography – Louis Proulx  (1751-1838)

Born in Nicolet on October 29th, 1751, then baptized on the 30th, in the parish of Saint-Jean-Baptiste, son of Jean-Baptiste Proulx, a farmer, and Marie-Magdeleine Pinard. His surname sometimes spelled Proust and Prou.

Started at a very young age to develop one of the lands owned by his father in Nicolet. Subsequently, he traded livestock, firewood and especially grain. Engaged in land acquisition, lending and speculation on land and goods. He was also a building contractor. Named first church warden in 1798.

Elected Deputy for Buckingham in 1804; generally supported the Canadian Party. Would not have represented in 1808.

After 1800, he was particularly interested in the acquisition and the exploitation of seigniories, in particular those of Lussodière and Saint-François. In 1828, retired to Nicolet.

Died in Nicolet, March 3rd, 1838, at the age of 86 years and 4 months. Buried in the parish church, March 5th, 1838.

He married Marie-Anne Brassard, daughter of Pierre Brassard, captain and farmer, and Marie-Antoinette Pinard, on January 18th, 1784, in the parish of Saint-Jean-Baptiste, Nicolet.

Uncle of Jean-Baptiste Proulx. Father-in-law of François Legendre.

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Jean-Baptiste Proulx

3.- Jean-Baptiste Proulx  (1793-1856)


Born in Nicolet and baptized in the parish of Saint-Jean-Baptiste, July 13th, 1793, son of Joseph Proulx, farmer, and Geneviève Crevier Descheneaux.

Studied at the Seminary of Nicolet from 1803 to 1811.

Establishes himself as a farmer on his father’s land. At the time of the War of 1812, served in the militia; was removed from his rank of lieutenant in 1827 for, among other things, criticizing George Ramsay’s government. Breeder, was a meat supplier in Nicolet. After 1844, increased the number of its properties.

Elected deputy for Buckingham in July 1820. Re-elected in 1824 and 1827. Elected in Nicolet in 1830; supported the Patriot Party. Re-elected in 1834. Imprisoned on February 4th, 1838 for being part of the revolutionary organization of his county, was released for lack of evidence probably at the end of the month. His term ended with the suspension of the Constitution on March 27th, 1838.

Died in Nicolet, July 14th, 1856, at the age of 63 years. Buried in the parish church on July 17th, 1856.

Had married in the parish Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue, in Baie-du-Febvre, July 5th, 1830, Flore Lemire, daughter of Antoine Lemire, coseigneur, and Marie-Josephte Proulx, and widow of Antoine Marcot.

Nephew of Louis Proulx. Brother-in-law of Jean-Baptiste Hébert.

Source : DBC.

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PS.  In memory of Jean-Baptiste Proulx, a street bears this name in Nicolet.

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